50+ State & Local Civic Datasets

Civic data is in high demand these days espcially election data and finding that information nationally or locally can be problematic for constiuents looking for public data.In my case, I was looking for city council represntatives for a project, NYC offers a decent varierty datasets and API’s but I wondered what about the rest of the country?

So below you will find a collection of public datasets from the east to the west coasts and as much as I could find in between.

[codebean_icon_with_text title=”Sidenote” title_size=”large-title” icon_type=”icon_browser” icon_position=”icon_top” content_alignment=”center” background_type=”custom_bg_color” background_color=”#ededb1″ border_type=”none” hover_active=”yes”]Many state and local goverments use CKAN which is an open source and free data management system.[/codebean_icon_with_text]

Deleware Open Data

Delaware State agencies maintain large and open collections of data. This page is a repository for links to various open data sets published by state government. This page is not an exhaustive list; please visit the Open Data Portal for even more datasets, maps, charts and visual data.

State: Delaware
Datasets: Legislative, Municipal, Voter, Geo, Various datasets
Fee: Free
Website: https://alpha.delaware.gov/guides/data/
Datasets link: https://alpha.delaware.gov/guides/data/

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