To the right are the results of the matching gifts API I created. It’s pretty simple and is based on a variety of sources. The project is for work but I am planning on releasing a beta version of the API and/or WordPress/Gravity Forms plugin once I smooth some things out.

If your intrested in Matching Gifts for your site sign up below so I can email when its complete.

{Company Name:5} has a matching program. They allow a mininum of {Min Match:6} and maximum donation of {Max Match:18} which they match {Ratio:2} (dollar for dollar). They allow {Full Time:19}, {Part Time:20} {Retired:21} {Spouse:22} {Board Member:23} employees to particpate in the program. This program is managed by {Managed By:17} {Foundation:16}.

{Full Time:19}
{Part Time:20}
{Board Member:23}

{Min Match:6}

{Max Match:18}


{Company Name:5} matching gift program is managed by