NY State Brokers License Test Notes

Tax = How is it calculated
Article 12 A
1988 Amendment to federal fair housing

Market value x assessment rate % = assessed value

Assessed value x %tax rate = annual tax

Sam house is worth $200,000 assessment rate is 50% tax is 5%


Single Endorsement
Double endorsement


-Partnerships (general Partners/Limited partners)
General Partners handle business day to day.
Limited partners are investors)

Constructive Eviction
Made real estate uninhabitable

Corrective maintenance
Preventive maintenance is better

Pro Forma
Financial projections

Statue of Limitations
6 years deadline a real estate action

Adjustments at closing
Debits and credits

[mks_icon icon=”icon-note” color=”#1e73be” type=”sl”]Actual test questions:

  • Sam sells his house April 30th he already paid this years re tax of $2400 who pays what to whom?
  • A deed is?
  • Who has to sign the deed? All the grantors
  • Who does not represent the buyer at the closing? The bank attorney.
  • What is NOT tax deductible? Appraisal fee.
  • Escheat = death, no will / no heirs

Management agreement
What is the 1st doc signed between a owner and property manager

American disabilities Act of 1988 amended: familiar status and disability.

Cash on cash return
-Sam buys a bldg for 2 mil, income is $15000. Month, downpayment is $500,000. What is Sams C&c return.

Equation = Income divided by down payment =

Deed in lieu of foreclosure

– What document is prepared after 5 years to protect building performance: Stabilized budget

-unless ownership is a lesser estate, what is it called. = fee simple

Testate = will
Intestate = no will
OLDCAR abbreviation

PUD = planned community.