{Place Name:39}








Zippopotam API Results

The zip code you searched {Enter Zip Code:17} is {Place Name:39}, located in {State:38}, and its latitude {Latitude:11} and longitude {Longitude:40}

How its done

This API is based on the example provided by Gravity Flow (Image right) and link here.  I added a Map to for some visual representation using the Symple Shortcodes Free WordPress Shortcodes Plugin becasue it let me embed a merge tag into the map. I used the Gravity Perks Post Content Merge Tags plugin to add the API into the page.

Otherwise it would look like this:

The form

The form itself is pretty basic (Image right of actual form used) with just 6 fields all hidden except the “Enter Zip” field which is used to search the zip code in the API and return (GET method) the results.